August: Dog Days of Summer

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Wow- this flu season hit our house hard. First it was Sophie- high fever, barfed a couple of times. The day she was fighting the fever, our thermometer was on the fritz (I found out later) so I was getting readings of 103.4, one hour after I had given her Tylenol. This is when I tossed both kids into the car - on New Year's Eve, mind you, and drove downtown to the Pediatric ER. They took her vitals right away and, voila! No fever. Of course. I don't look like the crazy paranoid mom, or anything, do I!? The nurse actually told me, "well, you can wait if you'd like, but if I were you, I'd go home." Which we did. By the next day, she was doing better, but was developing a nice juicy cough. Then Alex got hit. And he got hit hard. High fever again, and terrible cough. Sophie was well enough to be back at school, but Alex stayed home. Much to Sophie's chagrin. On the way home from picking her up, the first day back after winter break, Alex started coughing in the car and choking on whatever he was coughing up, he couldn't catch his breath and started turning blue. Luckily, we were turning right in front of  where an urgent care office was- I whisked him right in. He was able to catch his breath again, but not after causing me to completely freak. (Inside, of course. On the outside, I was all business so I didn't scare him or Sophie). The doctor there said, "It's the flu." And, "You're next." Right on both counts. I got hit the next day, complete with barfing. Because feeling like I had the worst sinus/ lung infection and fever wasn't fun enough. Barfing had to complete the picture. Oh yeah. Almost three weeks later, and I still have a bit of a residual cough. I guess having asthma just doesn't work well with this one. Of course, the cold temps here lately did not help matters one bit. But we're all on the mend! I got lectured about getting flu shots next year, but I must admit: I really think there's a lot to be said for having gotten sick and allowed our own bodies to form their own antibodies and fight it off on our own. When I was a kid, I remember getting sick quite a bit. You got sick, and stayed home for a few days from school. In bed, garbage can next to the bed for barf, lots of liquids and rest and that was it. There weren't flu shots back then, and I do not remember hearing about any deaths or weird strains of viruses no one could fight off on their own. I truly believe it's a bunch of hooey and hype from pharmaceutical companies in order to market and sell product. Those flu shots don't do shit for me. Every year I've gotten one, I've gotten sick anyway. In fact, every year I've gotten one, I've been plagued with one sinus infection after another. I did not get a flu shot this year, and I got the flu. Big deal. I got over it. But so far, not ONE sinus infection. Which is pretty miraculous for me. As for the kids- got them flu shots in the past, and they've both gotten sick anyway. No flu shot this year, and they were sick. And they got over it. On their own.
And so- I ask you: to flu shot, or not to flu shot? What's your opinion?


  1. So sorry you got so sick! We all got the flu (I'm sure) right after Thanksgiving (had to miss Irish dance for it and I was afraid we wouldn't be well by the Old Town performance). We never get the flu shot and I don't give it to my kids, primarily because of the mercury preservative in it. I'd rather them get the flu than some effect caused by the mercury in their bodies. :-)

    1. My doctor offered the mercury/ preservative free ones for us, but I still chose not to do it. I'm not convinced it wouldn't have prevented us from getting sick. And I still say, so we got sick, so what!? Why is everyone so AFRAID of getting a little sick!? Isn't this our bodies ways of building up natural immunities? SHOULDN'T we be building up our own immunities? Are all of these vaccines only causing us all to become weaker and weaker against naturally being able to fend off infections/ viruses? Are these shots causing the viruses to continually mutate out of control? Double-edged sword, catch-22 anyone?

  2. Since I'm pregnant, it came highly recommended that I not only get the flu shot, but the whooping cough vax. I ended up getting both. Mainly because I work at a high school where both illnesses have gone around. I usually never get the flu shot (2x my adult life) after giving birth to Lily and now being pregnant. When I get the flu, I'm out for a week, it hits me hard. *knock on wood* it's been years since I've gotten the flu, with or without the shot. I prefer to go without it, but when Lily's pediatrician and my midwives recommend it, I think I'll go for it. Lily didn't get one this year.

  3. I only got the flu once my entire life (hubby was away on remote tour duty leaving me with 4 kids, house, internship...which add up to S.T.R.E.S.S.) and also mistrust any vaccine. So why bother? My daughter insists we need to get one for our lung-diseased granddaughter's sake, which kinda makes sense, but I find nothing to show that I would not still infect her after my flu shot. Flu shot or no, I can still carry the infection from you to her while I remain symptom-free, right?