August: Dog Days of Summer

Friday, November 2, 2012

Chicken shit

So- I'm a big chicken shit. I called my office today to see if I was, indeed, canned. They said "no," and that they need and want me to come back in on Monday. So- I ask you- who's the bigger chicken shit? Me, for not saying F you and walking away, or them for not saying F-you and sayonara?
I actually had an AUDITION  today. I've been working in the architecture/ interior design field for over 20 years. Once upon a time I was actually a theatre major- with bona-fide voice training. I decided I'd give our local classical radio station a call to see if they were hiring. I do know, listen to and love classical music- I figured that might be a new and interesting fit for me. They said "come on in, let's talk." Little did I know I was going in for an actual AUDITION! How long has it been since I've had any kind of audition you ask? Oh- let's say about 25 years. twenty. five. I must have sounded pretty terrible, because at one point the station manager actually did ask me to "do it again, and let's try less 'Carnival Barker.'" Now how's THAT for encouraging!? All I could do was laugh. It was pretty funny, and I had a good time- whatever does come of it, at least I tried something totally new and different. Reality is, I will go back to work on Monday. Back to a regular paycheck that I can count on. Back to health insurance for myself, my husband and my kids. Back to my nice little 401K. Until I can find something different, at least. BA-CAAAWWWWWK!!!
Today's NaBloPoMo prompt is: "If you could live anywhere, where would it be?"
Hmmmm... I'd really love to live in Palm Beach. My Grandmother lived there, and I spent my whole life going down at least 2 or 3 times a year. Until she passed away last December, and her house was sold. I haven't been back since February, and it breaks my heart. I love it there and have some really great friends who are wondering when I'm coming back. Truth is, unless I win the lottery on one of the $35 worth of tickets I bought today, there's no way I can make that happen. Unless, of course, I go down and find some nice sugar-daddy who just might be a chubby-chaser enough to want to "keep" me. I'm not holding my breath.
I also really love London. It's my favorite city. Again- can't afford it.
Truth is, I LOVE exactly where I do live. I designed our home. We have a beautiful property and view. I have amazing friends here who are like family. My kids are in a great school. We're dug in pretty deep. Not going anywhere anytime soon. Unless I do win that lottery. Then It will be a nice, modest 10-million-something mansion on the south east coast of Florida.
A girl can dream, right!?

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