August: Dog Days of Summer

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


We watched the movie "Jig" tonight. G-D help me- is this what I'm in for!? Don't get me wrong- I adore the fact that Sophie begs to practice her Irish dance, and is working really hard, bless her little feet. I'm not sure how much natural talent she has, but if she's half as determined a person as I am (which, so far, she seems to be), I'm screwed. Even Alex started to join in. Here's an irony: Alex insists he doesn't want to do it, but HE seems to have natural talent and looks awesome- without ever having taken a real lesson! I'm really glad my daughter (my kids?) have found something she's really passionate about and seems to be really dedicated to- and something she's willing to put in the hard work to do well. My future looks very sparkly, big crazy dressed, large curly-hair wigged and expensive....
Please don't let me turn into a Dance Mom. I fear I'm already slipping down that hole. 
 The spaaaaaarkle. Oh my G-D, the SPArkle!

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