August: Dog Days of Summer

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Random cat shit

This is ridiculous. I'm sitting here staring at a blank screen. My mind is a complete blank tonight for writing topics. It's "Wordless Wednesday" syndrome! Shit! The Blogher writing prompt for tonight is, "tell us about your last compliment." I've gotten a few compliments lately on my writing (ironically), which is really nice to hear. I think the best compliment I've gotten lately has to be from my kids when they say things like "you're such a nice mama,"  or even simply "I love you sososo much." Warm fuzzies. Not really enough to fill a whole post about, though. Oh well.
How about some random shit?
I'm sitting on my couch with my laptop- a movie is on in the background (something I usually don't and can't do when I'm trying to write- hhhm... you think maybe this is why I can't think of anything worth a crap to write about tonight!?) The movie is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I'm intrigued by this movie. I loved the book- all three in the series, really. So well written and the characters amazingly fleshed out. Besides the fact that I have a HUGE crush on Daniel Craig (yummy. With a spoon.), I'm fascinated with how Roony Mara transformed herself so completely for this role. She rocks.
Pete has band practice tonight in the studio. So, also distracting is the muffled sound of his band ... nice music, but only adding to the ambient noise in the house. Kids are so lucky they can sleep through a typhoon...
Sophie has a dance performance coming up in December, after the lighting of the city Christmas tree. She does Irish dance (just started), and we have been practicing her beginner reel every day. I have it down pretty well, so if she can't get it together maybe I'll have to get up on that stage with the other 5 year olds and strut my stuff. Wouldn't THAT be funny!? adorable little girls doing their steps along with an overweight, mid 40's mom bouncing up and down. Now that would be a sight.
My house is a wreck. I love when it's nice and clean, hate when it's a wreck. Don't have the time or energy to put forth an effort to clean it right now. Or the cat litters, for that matter. So it's not only a wreck- it's a stinky wreck. Deee-lish. I cannot stand scooping cat shit. Because of my asthma, I have to wear a mask for the dust. We have 4 cats, so we have 4 jumbo sized litter boxes. Our oldest cat is the mama of two of the others. She's getting up there in years, and has a very stinky diarrhea issue. I have to give her a steroid injection every few weeks. Just gave her one last night, poor girl. She's looking kind of mangy lately. One of the cats threw up on the floor of Alex's room and it looked like shit. It wasn't. It was just puke. I get all the really good jobs around our house. It's a really good thing I'm not squeemish or I'd be screwed. TMI? tough cat shit. That's all there is for tonight.


  1. You need new cat litter - seriously - try world's best cat litter - I have used everything and find this one - no smell and no mess but it can be dusty. The clean house thing didn't come from my mom's side of the family - my dad was anal about stuff - I got his genes. Good luck and remember - the house will always be there, but your kids are only little once. Hugs

  2. So true! Thanks for helping to keep things in perspective, Lisa!