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Friday, November 30, 2012

Out of the mouths of babes

Kids just say the derndest things sometimes, don't they? My Grandmother had an amazing wit and very sharp sense of humor. When we were there last year over Thanksgiving, I got together with some friends one night for a girls night out. One of them gave me a small notebook and said that I MUST start writing down my Grandmother's little quips- "Gammie-isms" as I called them. I searched for that notebook tonight, unable to locate it- I suspect it's been tucked amongst my miscellaneous memorabilia in the storage loft. I'll be damned if I'm climbing a ladder to hunt for it now- I'm already snug in my nightgown sitting up in beddy-bye. I do recall, though that I was only able to write down three things in this notebook. One of them was "102 and I can still Charleston" (which she really still could. The woman was amazing.) Another was "102 and still constipated" (no comment), and the third I do not remember verbatim but I know it was something along the lines of "The men my age can't keep up with me. Mostly because the men my age can't stand up in the first place."
My kids seem to have inherited Gammie's wit. I really MUST start writing down their funny quips.
Today, when we drove over a large bump in the road (the kind that pushes your stomache up into your throat if you're going fast enough) Sophie said, from the backseat, "I just love going over big bumps. It makes my 'gina go sour."   !??
Last night, we were talking about my Mom. A bit of back story here, my kids are very savvy when it comes to death. They have already lost someone really important to them (Gammie), and witnessed the demise and death of Pete's oldest childhood friend and best man from our wedding, to cancer. They know all about my Mom's struggle with cancer, my Aunt's current struggle with it, and other family and friends all lost to various forms of cancer. In my opinion, they are altogether too familiar with cancer for 6 year-olds. Such is the way of the modern world. Alex asked what kind of cancer my Mom had, and I said, "colon." To which he replied, "OH- because she drank too much cola!" (You must understand that we do not drink soda, nor do my kids, They've never even tried it. I guess in telling them that soda is not very good for them and full of sugar, they must also have assumed that it's something so bad that it has its very own form of induced cancer!) OH- the explanation after this was just priceless. 
I will be purchasing a small notebook in which to write down forthcoming "Alex- isms" and "Sophie- isms." Hopefully I will get the chance to break it out in the future and do some serious embarrassing at their weddings.

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