August: Dog Days of Summer

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Swagger Wagon

Last night's post has left me somewhat shell-shocked. I think the substantive posts probably won't come every single night. Maybe this is just  typical of blogging? Like I said, I'm new at this.
Found out today that Sophie will dance at her first feis (pronounced "fesh") in February! This is very exciting- this will be her first competition in Irish dance- we've got lots of practicing to do before then...
It was also suggested that perhaps I do a mother-daughter dance with her. I think this would be so cute- even if do look like an elephant up there, what the hell- it will be fun,and I can already do her beginner reel right along with her. NO dresses and crazy curl wigs, though- thank heaven. I was searching on Youtube tonight for a two-hand reel that we might do, and I came across the Swagger Wagon ad. Does anyone else remember this? It was an ad- a fake music video, for the Toyota Siena minivan and included a mother and father doing a sort of rap thing all about their "swagger wagon." Pete and I just loved this, and I had forgotten all about it- it is sort of brilliant.
I leave you, tonight, with the lyrics to Swagger Wagon, by Toyota- or by whoever does the advertising for Toyota....

This one goes out to all you minivan families out there.
Sienna SE…in the house.
Where my mother/fathers at?
Where my kids at?
Where my kids at?
Where my kids at?
Where my kids at?
Where my kids at?
Where my kids at?
No, seriously honey. Where are the kids?
They’re right there, see?
Oh, cool beans.
I roll hard through the streets and the cul-de-sacs,
Proud parent of an honor roll student, Jack.
I got a swing in the front, a tree house in the back,
My #1 Dad mug says, Yeah, Im the Mack.
I’m the world’s best nurse when my kids get sick,
I make a mean gel-mold, I perfected my tricks,
Back when I used to party as a college chick.
Now I’m cruising to their playdates lookin’ all slick…
In my Swagger Wagon,
Yeah, the Swagger Wagon,
It’s the Swagger Wagon,
I got the pride in my ride.
In my Swagger Wagon,
Yeah, the Swagger Wagon,
It’s the Swagger Wagon.
Check it…
I love hangin’ with my daughter sippin’ tea, keep my pinky up,
All the drawings on my fridge sport an A+.
I’m an awesome parent, (Right!) and it’s apparent, (True!)
And in this house there’s no mother/father swearin’.
Straight owning bake sales with my cupcake skills,
I’m better with the money, so I handle the bills,
And I always buy in bulk, ain’t afraid of no spills.
Every Mother’s Day proves…I’m kind of a big deal.
Daughter: Mommy, I need to go potty.
Bring the beat back, ’cause, yo, I got more to say,
You know I’m always front and center at the school play.
I kiss their boo-boos, clean doggie doo-doos,
Cut the crust off of PB&Js, chill the Yoo-hoos.
Singin’ “Farmer in the Dell” in perfect harmony,
When I’m rollin’ with my posse in the HOV.
We rock the SE, not an SUV,
And it’s true, if I were you, I’d be jealous of me…

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  1. I had never seen or heard this! So, of course, I searched on YouTube. I am now among the educated.