August: Dog Days of Summer

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Well, we made it safely to Utah- no tears shed on the planes. Both flights were pleasingly short in duration, and otherwise uneventful. Except for the last bit of the flight coming in to Salt Lake City. The sunset as we descended was the most amazing one I think I've ever seen. First, there were the mountains beneath us- snow capped and huge, and well, majestic. Then there was the color of said mountains: beneath the snow they were a deepening shade of purple-turning to deep iris blue. The snow caps were bright fuschia pink. This was below. What was on the horizon was an incredible orange-y white and yellow glowing HUGE sun, tinged behind whispy clouds like spun sugar. Then there was the sky itself. More whisps of clouds in every shade from more deep iris to their underside, tinged with pink and coral. Then we came over the water of the Great Salt Lake- and all of this was reflected on the perfectly smooth glass surface. It was an unbelievable sight, and it just kept getting better and better. Now I've seen some sunsets in my time- some spin around and break into The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music kind of sunsets. This trumped every one I've ever seen. This was the kind of sight that makes you believe in G-D if you hadn't previously. This was the kind of sight that made everyone on the airplane gape open-mouthed out their windows and take pictures. This was the kind of sight that inspired the bad comedian flight attendant to get on the speaker and wax rhapsodic about the beauty of the world and how lucky we all are and thankful we all should be. This was the perfect sight to begin Thanksgiving weekend. Flying fear, upon witnessing this glory? Gone. Freaky twitches of nerves and tension about hurdling through the air at 500 mph in a metal bullet? Quelled. Increased sense of awe and wonder at our amazing world? Check. Completed sense of gratitude? Bingo.  

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